Israel… The word Shalom (peace) has to be revised…..

Shalom, peace, a word that should be stricken right out of the Hebrew language……

For you Swedish speaking people:,

and for the rest check this from BBC:

Just to be clear I am NOT against any group of people based on their religion or ethnicity. I am against ANY state that perform acts of violence against those who want to help and defend it as a defence against terrrorism or as in the case of Israel, self defence. To that state a full nuking of any city in the Arab-world would be in self defence….

Not saying that the Jewish people should be without land but the way they are taking care of what they got in 1948 is not good. The winning side of  WWII got so struck by guilt of not having stopped the Nazis in time that they rushed to give land that were not their’s to give. Let the Israeli and Palestine politicians start TALKING instead of throwing empty words or threats, then a solution would be near.

Though I am not a religious man (or see me as one at least) a prayer to make the politicians in Israel (and Palestine) come to their senses one day is in place… Shalom, Salam, Fred, Frieden, Paz, Peace to all. And to the Israeli government and military command: Get your thinking straight and just let the shipments arrive at Gaza City.

Taking the subject of this post in regard I say this at last: Please keep any comments civil and clean, I screen them anyway before they are published.


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