Falukorv with light zing…

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Oven stewed/baked falukorv with light “zing”

Explanations of “Falukorv” and “Ajvar”, see links below.
Perfect to make in smaller pans or one-time use almuninum thingies such as I used.

You need (in those amounts you feel is appr. for the time being):

Coarsely diced “Falukorv”
Light/medium cream, 10-20% fat
Sundried tomatoes in oil

  1.  Depending on how much you will make dice a couple of tomatoes quite fine and put in a deep pan of the appr. size
  2.  Put as much Ajvar as you think is good and then pour cream over. About two finger up from the bottom of the pan is good.
  3.  Mix it up with a fork or spoon
  4. Add your diced sausage and blend
  5. Put some cheese over it all (can be excluded).
  6. Stew/bake in oven at about 200 degr. C. for about 20 min or you got a nice golden colour on top.

You can exchange the sausage other kinds of smoked or precooked sausage, smoked ham or turkey or pre-cooked chicken or meat of your choice.
If you do go for meat/chicken do not forget to season the meat with salt and pepper or it all will taste a bit bland.

Serve with a mixed sallad, I used some of the oil from the tomato jar as dressing for good taste. Also works with mashed potatoes or pasta of choice.

Falukorv: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falukorv
Ajvar: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ajvar


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