Never again…..

Bunraku dome

Ground Zero for the detonation at Hiroshima, August 6th, 1945

On August the 6th 1945 mankind used the most horrific weapon of mass-destruction for the first time, August the 9th same year for the latest time. I hope for the last time….

Since then the world has not been what is once was. World War II brought on many horrors and much suffering but none with the same profound effect on the world as those two nuclear bombs. We who have lived through the years of the “Cold War” know words like “Terror balance”, both main blocks (USA- Soviet Union) having the ability to in a couple of minutes obliterate the other block’s cities. Now we have nuclear weapons and worse under the control of at least 6 or more states in the world, not all stable democratic states with stable and reasonable leadership…

Give you a short video here made by George Takei, actor and much more:



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