Review: The Salvation

Don’t usually do reviews but exceptions are to be made…. 


I had the fortune to get a pre-viewing of Zentropa’s western movie “The Salvation”… 

Mads Mikkelsen is cast in the role of Danish soldier Jon who emigrated to America after the ill ended war with Germany in 1864. Together with his brother Peter, portrayed by Mikael Persbrandt, moved to the mid-west and settled down to build a new home for Jon’s wife and son. Seven year has passed when Jon’s wife and son comes to him. The coach ride from the train ends in a violent tragedy that Jon and his brother seek revenge for… 

The story is dark and well put together and offers a number of depths. If you love shoot outs and high body count you will not be disappointed either.. 

Anyone who likes a good western and not are afraid of death and darkness, go see this one.. 

I give you the trailer here… And by the way: The 2014 film festival in Cannes loved this film.


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