Review: The Salvation

Don’t usually do reviews but exceptions are to be made…. 


I had the fortune to get a pre-viewing of Zentropa’s western movie “The Salvation”… 

Mads Mikkelsen is cast in the role of Danish soldier Jon who emigrated to America after the ill ended war with Germany in 1864. Together with his brother Peter, portrayed by Mikael Persbrandt, moved to the mid-west and settled down to build a new home for Jon’s wife and son. Seven year has passed when Jon’s wife and son comes to him. The coach ride from the train ends in a violent tragedy that Jon and his brother seek revenge for… 

The story is dark and well put together and offers a number of depths. If you love shoot outs and high body count you will not be disappointed either.. 

Anyone who likes a good western and not are afraid of death and darkness, go see this one.. 

I give you the trailer here… And by the way: The 2014 film festival in Cannes loved this film.


Paula Noel levererar starkt!

Paula Noel, en grupp som idag består av Paula Burenstrand, Roberto Noel och Rodolfo Quevedo spelad på på Stockholm folkfestival den 7 augusti. Platsen var Hässelby slott.

Med stark närvaro och musikalisk brillians gav dem en konsert med temat: Nordisk Afro. Musiken hade verkligen en fot i vardera tradition. även de rent afro-latinska låtarna lät lite nordisk och tvärtom.

Foton från det hela hittar du på min Facebooksida

En kort filmsnutt (en låt) kan du se här:

Claudia Christian, Susan Ivanova…

“Who am I? I am Susan Ivanova, Commander. Daughter of Andre and Sophie Ivanov. I am the right hand of vengeance and the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart! I am death incarnate, and the last living thing that you will ever see. God sent me.”

(From Babylon 5, S4 E19, 1997)


The SciFi-series Babylon 5 can be read about on many places along the world wide web. Same goes for the character of Susan Ivanova, portrayed by the gorgeous and in all ways lovely Claudia Christian. The quote above is my favorite moments in B5 and on the upper half of my top moments in SciFi in general.

When I sit down in the subway on my way to and from work or other places I listen to books. Now I let Claudia’s biographic book “Babylon Confidential”, recorded with her reading it, fill my ears and heart. In this book we are invited to her own life and the tragedies and happy moments that is her life. Claudia is a sober alcoholic and tells about how the alcoholism made life spin out of control and how control was regained.

I recommend you: Get this book in one way or another!

Here is Claudia Christian’s site on the webb: